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We understand that your reason to move to cloud accounting might not be the same as the next MyConfidant user, and it is important for us to understand your goals and objectives as these will determine the services and support that we deliver.

MyConfidant offers three levels of support to meet the needs of businesses, each increasing in level of contact, advice and business partnering. The services aim to move beyond traditional outsourcing and provide you with an experienced team who will undertake your finance function and provide you with timely, accurate management information to enable you to make strategic, informed business decisions.

At each level of service, you will meet regularly with one of our directors who will offer strategic input to improve your business’ financial position. Our directors have first-hand experience of running a business and are able to draw upon this experience to provide valuable, comprehensive business advice. The packages do not correspond to business size; the differentiator is the amount of support you require to achieve your goals and objectives. You will see that our packages are organised according to their monthly cost. This will enable you to decide which package best fits your needs and budget, as well as visualise the services received for the cost.

Clarity and certainty are essential to any business decision, especially when the product has the potential to change the way your business works. We want you to be confident about the services and support you will receive. To ensure you are certain you have selected the right package for your needs, you are able to change your support level at any time.

For further information, please contact our team. They will be able to provide more details about the services offered and arrange a meeting with you to discuss this further.

The Staple(r)

This package is designed for those who would like to alleviate the strain of bookkeeping, payroll, VAT and all accounting matters while remaining in control of the financial performance of the business.

You are likely to be comfortable with your financial position, have enough business and financial acumen to not require frequent input from your accountant. You might like the reassurance of knowing that your financial affairs are being looked after and support is on hand if you need it.

You will recognise the time you spend completing the staple financial tasks could be refocused and utilised more effectively. By outsourcing to our experienced team, you will free up your time to do what you are best at, and enjoy most, running and promoting your business.

The Sharpen(er)

This is the next step up in service so expect even more support and contact with your accountant. There will be a reason why you feel you need more support. Although each MyConfidant client will be different, the motivations for needing strategic input are often very similar.
– As an owner managed business, it may just be you at senior level and you need someone to offer support, to share ideas, or use as a sounding-board.
– You may be comfortable with your financial position, but you are looking to grow.
– You may be worried about your financial position and need help to bring it back under control.

You want the reassurance that your finances are being looked after so you can refocus your time on running your business. The sharpen(er) is most appropriate for businesses that could benefit from more regular engagement with a business adviser to sharpen up their financial position. Regular contact and reviews of your business each quarter should ensure your business is on track to reach its goals established at the outset. This package makes a clear move from mechanical outsourcing to business advisory.

The (W)holepunch

The whole(punch) package will suit businesses who are looking for a strategic partnership with their accountant to optimise the financial position of their business and achieve their goals and objectives.

This package gives your business the opportunity to work alongside an experienced director who will support your team, manage your financial affairs and provide expert business support. Your accountant will become your confidant and take care of the whole of your finances. Our premium services provides you with access to our most capable business advisors who will present regular reviews and strategic planning. Frequent meetings will be used to review your business’ position to ensure you are on target to meet and exceed your objectives.

The partnership between you and your accountant should permit considerable insight into the workings of your business. Our supervision should strengthen your finances and optimise your position. Your accountant’s experience, developed working across a number of sectors, will enable them to provide effective and strategic advice.
Working Together
Strategic planning and finance review meetings
Support with day-to-day accounting and tax queries
Tax and remuneration planning
Budgets and forecasts
Back Office Functions
Accounting software, licenses and training
Bookkeeping, payroll processing, and preparation and submission of VAT returns
Preparation of management accounts
Preparation and submission of year-end statutory accounts and corporation tax return
Preparation and submission of personal tax returns
Company secretarial services; including registered office address and preparation of annual return
Fee Protection Insurance